July 17, 2012

Feature Code 9: Records reference in field value

  • In esProc, field value can not only be used to store the simple number and character string, but also point to the complex data type like record. This kind of field is usually called Foreign Key.
  • In esProc, you can directly use "." symbol to reference the record to which the foreign key is pointing.
  • In the below example, there are 4 records in A6. Of which the foreign key Dept is pointing to the records of Department table. If accessing to the Manager ID related to Dept, then you can just compose A6.Dept.Manager.
  • The object reference makes the access to foreign key a very simple thing. The business team can thus analyze and solve problems from the business perspective rapidly and intuitively.
  • The advantages of esProc are prominent when encountering the multi-nest foreign keys. Because SQL does not support the object reference, it is very complicated to represent the multi-nest foreign key association.

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