June 17, 2014

Features:esProc vs Perl/Python

esProc has similar features with Perl and Python in Agile Syntax, function library, powerful procedure controllability, and convenient semi-structured data processing out of database.

However, Perl and Python do not provide data objects and function library for structured-data computing , and programming on structured data in Perl or Python is more complicated than esProc.

Perl and Python supply sufficient libraries in terms of string processing and system control, and they are more suitable for some analysis based on particular algorism, and more preferable for those professional programmers.

Parallel mechanism of Perl and Python is done in the lower level for a better
system control, whereas this will definitely increase the technology requirement to developers. For a ordinary parallel computing, esProc would be much easier than Perl and Python.

Perl and Python are usually working independently, while esProc can not only work independently as well as be integrated with other applications.

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