June 3, 2013

What is esProc? Developer Tool for Business Computing!

esProc is a developer tool for business computing as well as a desktop analysis software. It is specialized in computation on structured data and complicated multistep computation to meet the fast-changing demands.
Developer tool for business computing
esProc is a developer tool for data computing with higher development efficiency, better debugging features, easier codes maintenance, and Big Data support. It is database computing script with more advanced core model, and specializes in complex computing objects.
  • Independent data-computing layer for Java application
    The JDK provides few functions for structured data computing, while esProc can effectively enhance the ability of Java in this respect. esProc provides a richer and more complete system of structured data computing than SQL, easily achieve various of complex computing demands, and seamlessly integrates with the main program in the form of standard JDBC embedded into Java applications.
    esProc separates the complex computations from applications and databases, thus effectively reducing the burden of database (The costs of database expansion are high). esProc can also be applied in situations where there are no databases but still need to do batch computing.
  • Datasource for reporting tool
    For a system where Java reporting tool is adopted, esProc is ideal to perform the complex computation, compute with multiple data sources, and clean the dirty data sources. The reporting tool can receive the result returned by esProc via JDBC by taking esProc as a database.
    esProc supports various data sources such as the database driven by JDBC and the non-database source like Excel, Txt, etc.. esProc can access the data from multiple and diversified data sources for interactive computing. And the result is exported as a single data source that can be invoked by reporting tools or other external applications.
  • Lightweight ETL
    Although esProc is not a professional ETL tool, it can be used to save you from the cumbersome SQL/SP and provides the application system with ready-to-use data. esProc has powerful data processing ability. The unordered data can become clean and usable through Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL).
Desktop BI Tool 
esProc is a database script, enabling agile and easy-to-use statement for the interactive analysis of structured data, and is especially good at dealing with complex, flexible or occasional data.

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