June 12, 2014

Features:Outstanding Integration Capablity

esProc is the pure Java product, with the outstanding integration capablity by nature.

esProc can be divided into four sections: JDBC, Command line, Server, and IDE. 

The JDBC is the specific calling interface for applications. The invoking method of esProc JDBC is similar to the stored procedure of normal database, i.e. JDBC URL\ ResultSet. It can be integrated with the reporting tool and Java applications directly, acting as the data source to the complex, cross-database, and high performance computing workload.

Most reporting tools support JDBC directly, such as BIRT, Crystal Report, and JasperReport, which can integrate with esProc seamlessly without any further coding. 

Firstly, users can complete the data source computing with esProc scripts; Secondly, call the esProc script via JDBC in the reporting tool. The result from esProc will be involved in the reporting design as the standard stored procedure. With this method, the complex data source computing in the report can be handed over to esProc, and the reporting tool can focuse more on presentation.

Similarly, with JDBC Driver, users can incorporate the result of esProc high performance computing or the big data parallel computing into the report or JAVA code.

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