esProc is a programming language specialized in structured and semi-structured data process and analytics . esProc is designed for application developers and data analysts.

We can use it to complete complex multi-step computing and parallel clustered big data computing.

Without any inheriting, overload, and other complex concepts, esProc is a development language neither object-oriented, nor fit for developing the infrastructure or the whole tool software.

esProc boasts the agile syntax, grid-style script, and complete debugging. For the structured or semi-structured data, esProc incorporates the special designs and is especially fit for the multi-step business computing with complex algorithm or the mixed computing of diverse data sources.

The performance of esProc on stand-alone machine is close to or exceeds that of the traditional database, and esProc can scale out cost-efficiently. The parallel computing can be handled with the outstanding performance in the small-and-medium-sized cluster, which is also suitable for the computing workload requiring high performance.

The typical usage of esProc includes the report data source , data analysis and process, real-time computing mid-layer for application requiring high performance, non-real-time big data computing, and desktop BI.

esProc provides the JDBC interface for integration, and also allows for the direct calling through Command Line. esProc has the independent Server and IDE, and supports distributed computing on multi-nodes and desktop computing.

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